How real is the possibility of inflation? What steps can you take if it takes hold?

Inflation in the United States has been accelerating no matter how hard you try and avoid looking at it. Last week, the key metric followed by the Federal Reserve to measure the fluctuation in…

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These are not the only internships!

The pressure to get the “perfect” internship can feel intense, regardless of the field. Due to the tight deadlines and constantly varying options caused by the pandemic, competition for big corporate or tier one academic spots have become increasingly difficult. This can be especially true for international students.

While time…

How to structure change: Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map — A consulting example

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Change can be tricky, or downright dangerous without a plan. Photo: Jason Wong on Unsplash

TAKE AWAY: Any change in the way a company does business requires a strategic process to support all stakeholders while also staying aligned with the mission and vision of the company. For instance, in this example, the…

Fighting to stay above water takes its toll.

Man on stairs, poverty, Jasdeep Singh
Poverty cuts across cultures, races, and geography…and can happen quickly for many American families. Photo: Ben Hershey on Unsplash

The ramifications for individuals, families, and our communities of the findings in following article seem both evident and troubling, especially as COVID-19 pandemic continues to reverberate through our economy. …

Diversity and inclusion for a better business.

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Teams thrive with balance and structure.

Video version of this article:

Your business is only as good as the team running it.

Do you own your own business? Have you ever wondered about the importance of balance for your business team?

Business teams often talk about work-life balance. This involves equalizing work and family roles, so people don’t feel stressed out or resentful of their jobs.

Live Bravely

Jasdeep Singh CT UConn Brave
It takes bravery to leap into life, not strength.

Anytime something tough happens in life, some of the first words you might hear are, “You need to be strong.” I must have heard it a hundred times in the past few months after my mothers’ death and some family complications.

First off, let’s get the definitions clear…

Does technology democratize or infiltrate…or both?

computer matrix, Jasdeep Singh CT UConn
The matrix can help as well as harm. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Technology has changed the way we work and learn in countless ways, but no more so than in the democratization and infiltration of information. The way we acquire, aggregate, move, and disseminate data would have been unimaginable to most everyone only 20 years ago. At that time, information was housed…

Jasdeep Singh

Life, like true repentance, is a choice to turn-around: mistake, guilt, apology, responsibility, growth…and writing. Jasdeep Singh CT UConn MBA Candidate

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